Data Administration

This centre function comprises of two sections: a) Data Entry b) Data Analysis. The entire trauma data collected from the field hospitals, media, police & different ambulance services is entered in the computers by research assistants then categorized according to the standard format. The data when finally finished and compiled is ready for analysis. The analysis is done quarterly, half yearly and yearly. The data analysis is done on MS Excel & SPSS software and then compiled in a report form. Quarterly, half yearly and yearly analytic reports are generated which are then forwarded to the concerned authorities. A periodical section also comes under this department where a record of the daily accident news which comes in some of the renowned newspapers is kept which is daily updated.


Due to the small setup of our centre the reports are generated at present on quarterly, yearly or half yearly basis. It is aimed to generate the reports on monthly basis and to publish them at a larger scale.


  • To liaison with all the five hospitals, NGO’s, police and media for generating a daily fatal report
  • To track down the admitted patients and reconfirm the causes of the accidents
  • To prepare quarterly, monthly and yearly reports
  • To convey the quarterly, monthly and yearly reports to all the stake holders involved in the project

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