Road Traffic Injury Research and Prevention Center

Road Traffic Injury Research and Prevention Center, established in September 2006 has been actively involved in surveillance of road traffic crashes in Karachi, Pakistan for the sole purpose of analyzing root causes and implementing preventive countermeasures. Toyota Indus Motor Company Limited who commissioned and financed the research project for six consecutive years. The center was established in collaboration with Jinnah Post Graduate Medical (JPMC), Aga Khan University Hospital, and NED University of Engineering & Technology and approved by Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan.

The center collects and record information from victims of road traffic crashes reported to five major trauma centers in Karachi. Research assistants appointed in the trauma centers document the information about crashes on a prescribed form collected from patients, their attendants, and ambulance drivers. This tertiary information provides only a brief idea about the location and cause of accidents.

Establishment of exact accident location and factors contributing to cause the crash, provide better ground to device intervention strategies. For collection of onsite road crash details, a comprehensive accident investigation program should be established.

Process Cycle -I

Process Cycle -II

Mission Statement

The mission for RTIR&PC is to create the first road safety centre in Karachi that is generating high quality quantitative and qualitative road injury data and carrying out interventions in the identified black spots, in a technology enhanced environment.


  • To maintain and modify the road injury trauma data collected within our limited scope.
  • To evaluate the severity of the collected injury data
  • Identifying the vulnerable road user groups.
  • Identifying the major causes of accidents.
  • To assess the pattern and behavior of accidents on major arterials.
  • Black Spot Treatment
  • Road safety audits of high frequency accident locations.
  • Coordination with stake holders.
  • Promoting research culture
  • Training and education
  • To reduce the degree of road traffic injuries
  • To expand and qualify our data collection by broadening our focused vicinity (i.e. increasing the number of hospitals)
  • To publish research in the form of booklets, pamphlets and fliers on road safety related issues.
  • To provide a facility that will be self sustaining in the long term
  • To provide a facility that will promote interdisciplinary collaborative research between the centre and stake holders


The Centre collects data from five major trauma centres of Karachi, namely Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Civil Hospital, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Liaqat National Hospital and Agha Khan University Hospital 24×7. A questionnaire is devised for this purpose which is filled for each RTA patient (Road Traffic Accident) as soon as the patient arrives in the hospital by research assistants deputed in the emergency departments of all the above mentioned hospitals. The questionnaire contains the general information about the patient, the severity of injury, the exact location, day, date, time, the vehicle involved in the accident and the apparent factors about the victim such as his road user group etc. Some clinical parameters such as respiratory rate, systolic blood and glasgow coma of the RTA patient are also collected.

The information of the accident is re-verified by GIS (Geographical Information System) team from different Police & NGO sources such as Edhi, Chippa etc. The final exact location (in the form of latitude and longitude using Google earth) are thus taken in the GIS data base where it is maintained and incorporated with GIS map where overall accidents can be viewed digitally in the computer over a period of time and thus making it easier for the decision makers to make appropriate and intelligent decisions in identifying the high risk localities and making the roads safer for the road users.

Road Safety Engineers deputed in the Jinnah Postgraduate Hospital conduct road safety auditsĀ  inspect,identify and derive intervention strategies in consultation with NED University of Engineering and Technology and also investigate on-site major accidents on the modern lines.

The data thus collected is entered and analyzed and is forwarded to all government and non-governmental organizations to derive medical, enforcement, engineering and educational interventions so as to eliminate and reduce accidents and minimize human sufferings due to road traffic accidents on the roads of Karachi.

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