On-site Accident Investigation

The on-site accident investigation is a vast field that deals with the major accidents occurred in the city. This centre function originated when the non reliability facet of the police data was discovered. To counterfeit the blame game that follows with every major accident it was decided to investigate and then take a deliberate decision. The policy of this division is to ‘keep away from the blame game and focus on the issue’. Some criterion was devised for this function as the function was getting out of the organization’s scope and budget. Only the accident that is major i.e. has an injury severity of five or more than five persons or has at least one fatality or involve a public transport vehicle is selected for on-site investigation.


The limited scope of our programme also affects this field in different manners. Due to the non-availability of resources the area of “On-site Accident Investigation” which should be a vital part of the Research Centre lags behind as the engineers are unable to visit the spot at the time when the accident occurred. The reason for this lack is the unavailability of funds. Also the necessary tools required for site investigation and the non availability of transport vehicles affects this sector. Since it is a vast sector, therefore this target cannot be achieved in the present limited budget. This area also requires the cooperation of external authorities that can be able to inform about the mishaps at the earliest hour and deal with the defensive issues while investigating for making the investigation more reliable and effective


  • All the fatal cases
  • Accident of Public Transportation vehicle (due to the chances of a higher frequency of injured)
  • If the number of injured in an accident is > 5.
  • Identifying and recognizing the site to be investigated
  • Managing the accident investigation forms
  • Collecting pictorial and footage material on site
    Analyzing the accident spot and inspecting various road elements and other factors that were involved in the accidents

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