Road Traffic Injury Research & Prevention Centre takes immense pride in  presenting  yearly basses Reports for online.


Objective of Publication

  •  To quantify and assess severity of Road Traffic Accidents
  •  Data to be collected regarding all the road traffic injuries (RTI) happening in the city and then classified according to their severity and thus give an idea about the magnitude and the gravity of the problem at hand.
  • Assess pattern & behavior of accidents on Major Arterials
  • To identify where and why the crashes are happening, especially on the major arterials and evaluate the different road user groups.
  • Identification of Major causes of motor crashes
  •  Detailed analysis of Black Spots.

Reports detailing important aspects of Road traffic Injury Research and priority areas for key actions for all important Stakeholders in reducing fatality and serious injuries.

The goal of following reports are an effort to present Road Traffic Injury database in a scientific and analytical method and to deduce Engineering, Education and Enforcement interventions.

Road Traffic Injury Research & Prevention Centre is confident enough that these reports will help to the decision makers, Road Planners & Designers, Engineers, Police, Academics, Corporate and Civil Society to get benefit in achieving  the Objective of “Saving a life”.

Please Download the following Annual Reports 

[accordions] [accordion title=”2015″] [media-downloader media_id=”5329″ texts=”Road Casualties Report 2015″][/accordion] [accordion title=”2014″] [media-downloader media_id=”5328″ texts=”Road Casualties Report 2014″][/accordion] [accordion title=”2013″][media-downloader media_id=”5326″ texts=”Road Casualties Report 2013″] [/accordion] [accordion title=”2012″] [media-downloader media_id=”5325″ texts=”Road Casualties Report 2012″] [/accordion]

[accordion title=”2011″] [media-downloader media_id=”5324″ texts=”Road Casualties Report 2011″] [/accordion]

[accordion title=”2010″] [media-downloader media_id=”5323″ texts=”Road Casualties Report 2010″] [/accordion]

[accordion title=”2009″] [media-downloader media_id=”5322″ texts=”Road Casualties Report 2009″] [/accordion]

[accordion title=”2008″] [media-downloader media_id=”5321″ texts=”Road Casualties Report 2008″] [/accordion]

[accordion title=”2007″] [media-downloader media_id=”5318″ texts=”Road Casualties Report 2007″] [/accordion]














Average out-of-pocket healthcare and work-loss costs of traffic injuries in Karachi, Pakistan

A successful model of road traffic injury surveillance in a developing country: process and lessons learnt

Initial Results of Pakistan’s First Road Traffic Injury Surveillance Project

Road Injury Surveillance in Karachi (REDUCED SIZE)





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