Trauma Surveillance

The trauma injury surveillance function consist of a team of around 17 research assistants which are deputed in five major hospitals of Karachi namely Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Civil Hospital, Liaquat National Hospital and Aga Khan University Hospital. These research assistants deputed in the field hospitals collect the injury data 24/7. Along with the data collection, they have the additional obligation to track down the admitted patients in these respective hospitals and reconfirm their findings for producing a genuine data.


The current scope of our data collection is five major hospitals of Karachi. In future it is intended to extend this scope for broadening the data up to city or state level.


  • Recording and filing the trauma forms
  • Tracking down and interviewing the admitted RTI (Road traffic injury) patients
  • Identifying the road safety issues existing in the city within their area of living

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